IFC Warm-Ups

IFC warm-ups are again available. Below is the sizing chart:

Available sizes: Adult and Ladies (jacket $95.78, pants $67.80)
Youth (jacket $92.58, pants $64.70)
If you would like your name added to the jacket or pants front, add $3.00 ea.

Please use the form below to order warm-ups:

Name: ________________________________________________________
Jacket Size: __________
Pants Size: __________
Add name on front of jacket ($3.00)?: Yes / No
Add name on front of pants ($3.00)?: Yes / No
Name as you want it to appear: _______________________________

Jacket ($95.78 or $92.58): $____________
Pants ( $67.80 or $64.70): $____________
Name on Jacket ($3.00): $____________
Name on pants ($3.00): $____________
Total order: $____________

Please give your order to Bill Winget by August 12.

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