St. George Tournament

To all who are interested in historical fencing and reenactment.

Last month in Moscow, Russia, one of the biggest 15th century reenactments took place– the 4th St. George Tournament, where all knights of Europe could participate in contests of Jousting, Skill at Arms, Melee (Fighting for the banner with the change of teams), and “2-hand weapons” – fighting with longsword, spear, and short sword with buckler. The tournament lasted for 4 full days.

The event wasn’t just competitors fighting in full metal gear like knights, but an entire scene: all participants were dressed only in 15th century clothing, living in tents, eating at one table, food which use to be served 500 years ago, etc. It included “Court Ladies” – noble women who gave the last word on who is the victor in the competition based not on fighting skills, but on showing courtesy and noble gestures towards their enemies, as true knights would do.  Women also participated in “Equestrian contests” keeping old European traditions of nobility among all genders intact.

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