Our Mission

Mission and Commitment to Safety

Mission Statement:

The Indianapolis Fencing Club is a nonprofit corporation that exists to promote the sport of fencing in the greater Indianapolis area.  We are committed to the safe and responsible practice of the sport at all its levels: educational, recreational, and competitive. We offer classes for adults and children with no prior fencing experience, hold education demonstrations for interested groups, and provide a regular venue for practice, training, and free fencing.  As a member of the Indiana Division of the United States Fencing Association, we also host competitions for the local and regional fencing community.

Commitment to safety:

Fencing is an extremely safe sport.  Most injuries consist of pulled muscles and minor bruises.  Even so, safety, both on and off-strip, is of utmost importance at the Indianapolis Fencing Club.  The responsible use of weapons and other fencing gear is expected at all times.  Masks are an absolute requirement during any fencing or two-person drilling.  Period.  All club members are required to wear plastrons and jackets when fencing and drilling.  The sole exception is when taking a lesson from a club coach, who may waive this rule.   Members are encouraged to wear fencing knickers or pants of heavy material.  The use of appropriate rigid protection for men and women is also strongly encouraged.  Unsafe or irresponsible conduct will not be tolerated, and may result in ejection from the premises and/or dismissal from the club.