Which Class is Best for Me?

For you want to get familiar with Historical European Martial Arts we currently offer beginners’ classes in German  Longsword and Rapier & Dagger.  We provide all of the required fencing equipment other than gloves: you’ll need to bring your own lacrosse, ice hockey heavy gloves, or HEMA. 

All classes are 6 weeks long and are open to anyone 12 years and older. The cost is $150 for the six weeks.

No IFC membership is required.

HEMA weekly schedule:

(IFC Members only)


6-7PM – Basic Longsword

7-8 PM – Rapier & dagger


12-1 PM – Advanced Longsword

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If you’re looking for a fencing experience that tries to capture “real” sword fighting, this is the weapon you would love to handle! No previous experience in fencing or martial arts is necessary! If you are already a fencer or martial artist, the skills you’ve developed will be a great complement to your study of the longsword.  

Beginning classes: (must sign-up for the 6-week course) see schedule below.

Basic classes (members only): Wednesdays 6:00-7:00 pm

Intermediate/Advanced classes (members only): Saturdays 12:00-1:00 pm

Fiore "Flower of Battle"

The class serves as an introduction to the martial arts shown in the manuscripts of Fiore dei Liberi from the early 15th century.

The Flower of Battle, Fiore’s most complete manuscript, provides a holistic martial system that includes unarmed as well as multiple weapon systems. The weapon systems include dagger, longsword (in one and two hands), spear and poleaxe. Fiore’s system also addresses using these weapon forms in and out of armor.

This introduction is focus on unarmed combat, dagger and the sword in one hand.

Intermediate classes (members only): Wednesdays 6 pm- 7 pm

Rapier and Dagger

We will learn the main systems of Destreza with various technics as circular movements, ways of handling the sword, evasive footwork, controlling distance, good timing, engaging, right angles, disengaging, thrusts, parries, and disarming. Classes will include old Spanish “carousel” systems of training, use of the non-armed hand, or use of the dagger or cloak. 

Beginning classes (must sign-up for the 6-week course): see schedule below; 

Intermediate classes (members only): Wednesdays 7 pm- 8 pm 

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