IFC Reopening Plan

The State of Indiana has released a five stage plan for the reopening of businesses called Back-On-Track Indiana.  Complete details can be found here.  USA Fencing has also released requirements for Fencing Clubs to reopen.  USAF will sanction clubs starting immediately as long as they meet local requirements (tournaments are not included). The IFC Board … Continue reading IFC Reopening Plan

IFC To Remain Closed Through April 20

IFC Members and Friends, Per directives from USA Fencing, and to help ensure the health of our members and their families, the Indianapolis Fencing Club will remain closed through April 20.  The Friday Night Fencing Tournament scheduled for April 10 has been canceled. In order to help keep everyone in fencing shape, we have scheduled … Continue reading IFC To Remain Closed Through April 20

Update from USA Fencing -Activities not Sanctioned Through April 20

Per a communication today from USA Fencing, no club activities will be sanctioned at least through April 20, including all club activities, tournaments or any other activities. Therefore, we will be canceling all face-to-face activities at the Indianapolis Fencing Club through April 20.  We will continue to hold online sessions, and we encourage you to … Continue reading Update from USA Fencing -Activities not Sanctioned Through April 20

From USA Fencing on 3/17

Dear USA Fencing Club Owners,We understand that right now is a challenging time for everyone in the nation and around the world as we attempt to navigate the current circumstances created by the coronavirus (COVID-19).Over the past few days, many of you have chosen to suspend classes at your clubs and, although we know these … Continue reading From USA Fencing on 3/17

COVID19 Update from the Indiana Division

Below is an announcement from the Indiana Division of the USAF. Please see the following directive from USA Fencing, that Indiana Division will oversee and implement throughout the division effective, March 16, 2020. FROM USA FENCING Over the course of the last seven days, the coronavirus (COVID-19) has prompted unprecedented changes within the world of … Continue reading COVID19 Update from the Indiana Division

First Session of HEMA: Rapier and Dagger

On Wednesday February 12 we had the first of two free trial sessions of our new HEMA: Introduction to Rapier and Dagger program. This class is part of our growing set of HEMA programs (Historical European Martial Arts). The class was full, with 15 attendees, despite the snowy evening. Natalie gave everyone an introduction, including … Continue reading First Session of HEMA: Rapier and Dagger

Upcoming Regional Events

There are many Regional Events available for all age categories. These include Super Regional Youth Circuits (SYCs), Regional Youth Circuits (RYCs), Regional Cadet Circuits (RCCs), Regional Junior Circuits (RJCs), Regional Junior & Cadet Circuits (RJCCs), Regional Open Circuit (ROCs), Junior Olympic National Championships (JOs), and Super Junior and Cadet Circuits (SJCCs). All of these offer … Continue reading Upcoming Regional Events