IU Foil and Epee Clinic

IU Fencing is hosting a beginner/intermediate clinic with Bruce Capin, coach at University of Florida Fencing Club. The clinic will be Saturday, September 14 9 AM - 4 PM with a 1 hour break for lunch and Sunday, September 15 9 AM - noon. The cost is $40 for one day or $70 for both … Continue reading IU Foil and Epee Clinic

Upcoming Regional Events

There are many Regional Events available for all age categories. These include Super Regional Youth Circuits (SYCs), Regional Youth Circuits (RYCs), Regional Cadet Circuits (RCCs), Regional Junior Circuits (RJCs), Regional Junior & Cadet Circuits (RJCCs), Regional Open Circuit (ROCs), Junior Olympic National Championships (JOs), and Super Junior and Cadet Circuits (SJCCs). All of these offer … Continue reading Upcoming Regional Events

Upcoming North America Cups (NACs)

North America Cups (NACs) are a great opportunity to get experience at the National level against the best competition from across the country. Events are by gender, age, and rating. Here is a listing of the event categories and eligibility requirements (for the 2019/2020 season): Youth 10 (Y10) - born 2009-2012Youth 12 (Y12) - born … Continue reading Upcoming North America Cups (NACs)

IFC Summer Nationals Results

This year we have the most ever competitors at the USAF Summer Nationals, many for the first time. Great job IFC Fencers! Next year even better, in Louisville. Results by event: Men's Junior Epee (355 competitors): Michael Althardt - 70th Women's Vet 50 Epee (44 competitors): Natalie Chaykina - 22nd Women's Vet 40 Foil (18 … Continue reading IFC Summer Nationals Results

Results from April 19 Friday Night Fencing

Congratulations to Michael Althardt for winning the Senior Mixed Open Event (for the second month in a row!). Here is a video of the final bout between Michael Althardt and Bill Winget. Thanks again to Hiroki Naganobori for providing it! Congratulations to Colin Robertson for winning the Unrated Senior Mixed Open Event and for earning … Continue reading Results from April 19 Friday Night Fencing

2019-20 SYC, ROC and SJCC Schedule

The 2019-20 schedule for Super Youth Circuit, Regional Open Circuit and Super Junior and Cadet Circuit events is now available from USA Fencing. Here is a link to the information.

Video of “Real” Epee Duel

YouTube Video of the 1958 Epee Duel between Lifar and Cuevas Interesting view of the origins of our sport. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uL9BWkN-Wcg&feature=share&fbclid=IwAR1tCRKncAjzpwjKPSg6DAgfJgAM5iqJeWDSqRJdYNajobInrqLD_y4fGdw

New Unwillingness to Fight Rule Goes Into Effect February 14, 2019

From the USAF: All USA Fencing members are advised that t.124 of the USA Fencing Rulebook, "Unwillingness to Fight" has been updated and will be in use at all USA Fencing events beginning on Feb. 14, 2019, including the 2019 Junior Olympic Championships. This rule change is being made in accordance with the changes made … Continue reading New Unwillingness to Fight Rule Goes Into Effect February 14, 2019