First Session of HEMA: Rapier and Dagger

On Wednesday February 12 we had the first of two free trial sessions of our new HEMA: Introduction to Rapier and Dagger program. This class is part of our growing set of HEMA programs (Historical European Martial Arts).

The class was full, with 15 attendees, despite the snowy evening.

Natalie gave everyone an introduction, including related history and background. After a warm-up, the group jumped right into learning rapier and dagger techniques, based on the Spanish style.

The second introductory session will be held next Wednesday, after which it will become one of our HEMA program weekly sessions. It will be held on Wednesdays from 8:00 to 9:30. For information on HEMA: Introduction to Rapier and Dagger, please contact Natalie or Bill.

Natalie describing Spanish Rapier and Dagger dueling techniques and history.
Some drills to develop rapier skills.
Working on technique.
Getting in some practice.

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