Upcoming Regional Events

There are many Regional Events available for all age categories. These include Super Regional Youth Circuits (SYCs), Regional Youth Circuits (RYCs), Regional Cadet Circuits (RCCs), Regional Junior Circuits (RJCs), Regional Junior & Cadet Circuits (RJCCs), Regional Open Circuit (ROCs), Junior Olympic National Championships (JOs), and Super Junior and Cadet Circuits (SJCCs). All of these offer … Continue reading Upcoming Regional Events

Upcoming North America Cups (NACs)

North America Cups (NACs) are a great opportunity to get experience at the National level against the best competition from across the country. Events are by gender, age, and rating. Here is a listing of the event categories and eligibility requirements (for the 2019/2020 season): Youth 10 (Y10) - born 2009-2012Youth 12 (Y12) - born … Continue reading Upcoming North America Cups (NACs)