Indianapolis Fencing Club

Membership Meeting and Election and

Board of Directors Meeting


July 13, 2017

Membership Meeting and Election

The meeting of the Indianapolis Fencing Club was called to order at 7:10 pm by the President, Bill Winget.

The election of officers and board members was held.

Nominations for the office of President were requested.  Bill Winget was nominated and there were no other nominations.  Bill Winget was elected for the 2017/2018 term.

Nominations for the office of Secretary were requested.  Ammon Fillmore was nominated and there were no other nominations.  Ammon Fillmore was elected for the 2017/2018 term.

Nominations for the office of Treasurer were requested.  Claire Lee was nominated and there were no other nominations.  Claire Lee was elected for the 2017/2018 term.

Nominations for 2 seats on the Board of Directors were requested (the seats currently held by Bill Winget and Larry Shipp).  Bill Winget and Larry Shipp were nominated and there were no other nominations.  Bill Winget and Larry Shipp were elected for the next 4 year term.  The next seats up for election will be the seats currently held by Ammon Fillmore and Bill Dummett.  This will be followed the next year by elections for the seats currently held by Claire Lee and Dan Davis.  The next election will be for the seats currently held by Drew Tharp and Tom Hannahan.  Sam Gardner remains the student representative on the board.

There being no further business before the membership, the meeting was adjourned by the President.

Board of Directors Meeting

The meeting of the Board of directors was called to order by the Chairman (Bill Winget).  In attendance were Bill Winget, Claire Lee, Drew Tharp, and Larry Shipp.

  1. First on the agenda was a discussion of current membership.  We have over 50 active members.  Prior to the meeting, Claire Lee and Bill Winget went through the list of members and cleaned it up as much as possible.  They also determined which members are currently paying dues and which are not.  Claire will meet with the coaches to determine if any members were missed and will ensure that all members are being billed correctly and are paying their dues.
  2. Next on the agenda was the financial report by Claire Lee.  (Finances details were discusses.  Please contact Bill Winget if you would like details.)
  3. Discussed next were club dues.  It was decided that they would remain the same for the 2017/2018 season.
  4. We next discussed out location, i.e. currently renting gym space at the Abundant Life Church.  It was decided that we would explore new options for the lease of a new full time space for the club.  Drew Tharp agreed to find a broker to meet with the board, to discuss what it will take to lease a space and what the costs might be.  Once the requirements are defined, we can make a decision regarding the viability of a move and can create a plan to make it happen if the board agrees that it would be a good option for the club.  Some of the main issues with the current space are the dirty floor, the hardness of the floor (linoleum tiles over cement), the need to move tables and chairs every session, storage space, the need to set up and take down strips every session, the inability to install a permanent grounded strip, and finally the limited time available for use of the gym.  Larry Shipp agreed to meet with the church to discuss cleaning the floor more often and having them move the tables and chairs for us before and after each session.  He will determine what the cost of these changes would be.
  5. Next on the agenda were planned expenditures.  It was decided that we needed 2 more cabinets for the storage of our equipment (mainly the equipment used for classes and the strips).  Larry Shipp volunteered to find them for us and to make sure the Church was OK with adding them.  Since we have an excess of funds, it was decided to look into providing a clinic for our members.  Bill and Claire agreed to look into options including Michael Marx and the Coaches from Notre Dame.  It was also decided that we should look into a Referee training subsidy for our members since this season a “certified” referee will be required at all tournaments.  Bill volunteered to look into it.
  6. The floor was opened for other business.  Claire suggested that we start using a sign-in book at practices.  This way we will know who is attending, who is active, who is not a member and should be, etc.  She also suggested that it include a column for “what do you want to accomplish tonight.  It was agreed to implement the sign-in book and Claire volunteered to procure it.
  7. Finally, it was agreed that the board would meet next quarter to discuss the status of the above actions.  The meeting was tentatively scheduled for October 14.
  8. There being no further business, meeting was adjourned.