Update on the IFC Reopening Plan – July 6, 2020

Ammon Fillmore spoke with the County Department of Health this morning. As of today we can start fencing again under the Back-on-Track Indiana Stage 4.5 provisions that apply to Sports Leagues. The limitations and processes we are implementing to reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19 are listed below. Our first priority is the safety of everyone in our fencing community.

  1. We will only use every other strip. This will provide a minimum of 9 feet between fencers on adjacent strips. Fencers must choose a strip at least one away from people already fencing.
  2. There will be no handshakes etc.
  3. The number of members in the club at any time will be limited to 14 fencers (2 per available strip).
  4. The number of parents/spectators will be limited to 4 (but please do not enter the club unless necessary). The number of coaches will be limited to 2.
  5. Everyone entering the club will be screened for fever (utilizing an infrared thermometer), and will be required to complete a COVID-19 questionnaire. Anyone with a fever or recent contact with a COVID-19 patient will not be admitted. A record of everyone entering the club will be maintained to support contact tracing if it becomes necessary. IF YOU ARE SICK, PLEASE STAY HOME!
  6. Everyone entering the club will wear a face covering at all times. This includes fencers, parents/spectators, and coaches. Guidance on appropriate face coverings is available through the Indiana Department of Public Health. (Click Here) Anyone that is not wearing appropriate face covering will be asked to immediately leave the premises.  Any questions regarding the application of a lawful exemption, if any, to wearing a face covering will be determined on the facts and circumstances by the Board in consultation with State and County Health Departments.  All such inquiries should be referred to the Board
  7. All members must provide their own equipment – club uniforms and weapons will not be provided. If you do not currently have a full uniform or weapons, please speak with a coach to arrange a long-term loan.
  8. Club equipment will be provided to students in our classes. All uniforms and weapons will be cleaned/disinfected after each use.
  9. Club members should bring their own water from home in a personal container. Under no circumstances should members share water bottles.
  10. Club members should appropriately launder all personal equipment after each use.
  11. Everyone entering the club is required to maintain at least 6 foot distancing whenever possible.
  12. Everyone is strongly encouraged to use the hand sanitizer provided often, and to wash their hands regularly.
  13. Both front and back doors will remain open during business hours, and a large floor fan will be running to promote better ventilation. This will also remove the need to touch door handles to enter and exit the club.
  14. Coaches may resume private lessons if they wish, maintaining the every-other-strip distancing and 6 foot distancing whenever possible.
  15. All commonly touched surfaces will be disinfected at the beginning and ending of each session. This includes door handles, bathroom fixtures, entry table and computer, etc. The entire facility will be cleaned at least weekly.

In order to support this reopening plan, we are going to need volunteers to do the following: monitor the front door, limit the number of people that can enter, take temperatures, administer the questionnaire, keep records, disinfect, do the weekly cleaning, etc.

We will need volunteers on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights, and Saturdays. If you are available (particularly if you are bringing your son or daughter to the club), please let me know (indyfencing@gmail.com). The coaches cannot coach and monitor the door simultaneously. Unless we get volunteers, we will not be able to open as described. Please let me know what days/times you can support.

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