IFC Coaching Clinic, January 2020

The IFC held a coaching clinic on Saturday January 18. Its purpose was to develop additional coaches to help out with our beginner classes and our intermediate programs. There were 10 attendees including 3 from the Noblesville High School Fencing Club. The three hour clinic was led by Coach Bill Winget.

  • Topics included:
    • Coaching basics
    • Warm ups
    • Footwork drills
    • Foil and epee basics
    • Group lesson structure
    • The IFC beginner classes curriculum
    • Group drills
    • Individual lesson structure
    • Individual lesson drills
    • Creating individual lessons
    • Strip coaching
    • US Fencing Coaches Association Certifications

Everyone had to opportunity to practice giving individual lessons, and all attendees were encouraged to become certified as at least Assistant Moniteurs.

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