Indianapolis Fencing Club

Board of Directors

Quarterly Meeting

October 14, 2017


  1. Financial Report:
  2. Membership Status – We have over 50 members.
  3. Current Action Items:
    1. Claire will meet with the coaches to determine if any members were missed and will ensure that all members are being billed correctly and are paying their dues.  Open – Claire will meet with all the coaches to ensure help validate membership list.  When list is complete, Claire will validate that all members are being billed correctly.
    2. Drew Tharp agreed to find a broker to meet with the board, to discuss what it will take to lease a space and what the costs might be.  Open
    3. Larry Shipp agreed to meet with the church to discuss cleaning the floor more often and having them move the tables and chairs for us before and after each session.  He will determine what the cost of these changes would be.  Open, awaiting response from church (Reggie).
    4. It was decided that we needed 2 more cabinets for the storage of our equipment (mainly the equipment used for classes and the strips).  Larry Shipp volunteered to find them for us and to make sure the Church was OK with adding them.  Open
    5. Since we have an excess of funds, it was decided to look into providing a clinic for our members.  Bill and Claire agreed to look into options including Michael Marx and the Coaches from Notre Dame.  It was decided to ask Paul Geraci if he would be interested in doing a clinic for us.  Bill Will Contact him.
    6. It was also decided that we should look into a Referee training subsidy for our members since this season a “certified” referee will be required at all tournaments.  Bill volunteered to look into it.  Open, Bill will send an email to club members asking who is interested in becoming a certified referee.  Larry will determine the cost of the on-line test.
    7. Other business
      1. Email “scam?”
      2. Warm-ups – Open, the warmups available through MyLocker (our on-line custom store) are limited in choices for Tall and Women’s sizes so Larry will contact the local vendor that Firebird used and determine what they have available.
      3. Additional business – We need to reestablish our 501C3 status.  Ammon volunteered to look into it.
      4. If/when we have sufficient available storage space, will look into purchasing a grounded strip (possibly the roll-up type).