Article I. Name
The Name of this Organization is The Indianapolis Fencing Club.

Article II. Registered Office
The Indianapolis Fencing Club shall maintain an address in Indianapolis, IN.

Article Ill. Purposes
The purposes of the club shall be to promote the sport of Fencing, and to provide a venue or ensure that a venue exists where members can participate in recreational fencing.

Article IV. Membership
Membership in the Indianapolis Fencing Club shall be divided into three (3) categories: Adult, Student (Elementary, High School or College Students actively enrolled.) and Family (More than one person of the same immediate family).

Article V. Membership Dues
Annual dues for membership in the Indianapolis Fencing Club shall be determined from year to year by the Board of Directors.

Article VI. Voting
Except as otherwise required by law, any adult, non-student members in good standing shall be entitled to full voting privileges, including the following:

A. Amendment of the Constitution and Bylaws;
B. The dissolution of the Club;
C. The election of directors, and such other matters as may be brought to voting members for a vote by the Board of Directors and;
D. In all other matters in which they have a right to vote.

Article VII. Meetings
The Indianapolis Fencing Club shall meet annually.

Article VIII. Board of Directors.
The Board of Directors will meet quarterly to discuss and decide the direction the club will take in all administrative matters.

Article IX. Officers
The officers of the Indianapolis Fencing Club shall consist of the President,the Secretary and the Treasurer. Their duties are as follows:


To preside at all club meetings and activities as Chairman. In the event that the positions of Secretary or Treasurer become vacant, the President may appoint members to fill these offices until such time as elections can be held to fill the position(s). To act as liaison with other clubs, the United States Fencing Association (USFA), the Federation Internationale l’Escrime
(FIE), and the media and public in general.


To record the minutes of club meetings. To establish and maintain a roster of club members and students. To collect dues and pay bills in the absence of the Treasurer. To schedule and announce club meetings and tournaments, and notify the membership of all other tournaments for which schedules can be obtained. To keep the Website current.


To establish and maintain bank accounts for club funds. To collect dues and pay all bills. To file of to have filed all necessary forms with the IRS and the Indiana Department of Revenue regarding our Not for Profit status and the filing of Tax Returns.

Article X. Books and Records
The Indianapolis Fencing Club shall keep correct and complete books and records of account and shall also keep minutes of the proceedings of the  board of directors meetings.

Article XI. Fiscal Year
The fiscal year of the Indianapolis Fencing Club shall commence on January 1and terminate on December 31.