IU Foil and Epee Clinic

IU Fencing is hosting a beginner/intermediate clinic with Bruce Capin, coach at University of Florida Fencing Club.

The clinic will be Saturday, September 14 9 AM – 4 PM with a 1 hour break for lunch and Sunday, September 15 9 AM – noon. The cost is $40 for one day or $70 for both days. It is open to both foil and epee fencers who are over 18.

The clinic will cover

  • Technical corrections
  • Tactical applications (30 mins set application, 30 mins choose your own); things in three (ex: footwork pattern, extend on second intention, in prep, lunge redoublement)
  • Point decision making (how to use the tip)
  • Explained in a way that’s beneficial to experienced/ beginners (basics get easier for new person, thus you can do more); peer influence/ mentorship element

Please let Bill Winget know (blinget52@gmail.com) if you are interested in attending.

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