Firebird Cup and Indiana Division Summer Nationals Qualifier

Two tournaments are coming to our club on Saturday April 24.

The first is the annual Indiana Division Firebird Cup (in memory of the Firebird Fencing Academy, which merged with the IFC a few years ago).  It is a 3 weapon mixed open tournament, and you can register here.

The second is the Indiana Division Summer Nationals Qualifier.  This tournament provides a path for fencers to qualify to compete at the Summer National Championships, to be held this year in Columbus Ohio.  (Even if you decide not to compete, it is a great experience to spend a day there watching high level fencing and shopping for fencing gear!)  There will be events in all 3 weapons in the following divisions: Men and Women Div 2, Men and Women Div 3, Youth Men (Y14), and Youth Women (Y14) (a total of 12 events).  If you are interested in trying to qualify for the National Championships in any of the above divisions, you can register here.

If you have any questions about opportunities to compete at the National Championships or about any of the above events/tournaments, please talk to your coach.

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